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  1. India's Special Forces will assume a larger role in future conflicts, although some officials say these units are not properly used or structured."Special Forces will play an increasingly dominant role at all levels of war, be it strategic, operational or tactical," said a senior Indian Army officer.The Special Forces needs a stronger profile in the defense hierarchy, added the Army officer. Its role came into focus when the military doctrine of 2004 emphasized that future wars would be swift, highlighting the need for Special Forces.The Special Forces has increased over the last five years from about 5,000 to more than 20,000 personnel across air, sea and land units, said Indian Defence Ministry sources The NSG is modelled on Germany's GSG-9. It is a task-oriented force and has two complementary elements in the form of the Special Action Group (SAG) and the Special Ranger Groups (SRG). All the personnel are on deputation from Indian Armed Forces. The SAG is the offensive wing drawn from units of the Indian Army. The SRG consists of members from Central Police Organisations (CPOs) such as the Border Security Force (BSF), the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and State Police forces and other units. The NSG Training Centre is a Centre of Excellence and the National Bomb Data Centre holds international conferences. Both are located at Manesar in Haryana India's Marine Commando force, popularly known as MARCOS, started off as the Indian Marine Special Force, the first batch qualifying in February 1987. It was later renamed as the Marine Commando Force (MCF) in 1991. The force has gradually acquired experience and a reputation for professionalism over the two decades it has been in existence. It is one of India's highest trained and best equipped forces Garuds are not limited to being a base protection force to protect airfields and key assets. The security of IAF installations like radars, airfields and other establishments in border areas are performed by the Air Force Police and the Defence Security Corps (DSC). Most of its role and task is like Ground combater units of PAF which were created in early 60s. Although after advance training some of its members can operate like special force, created on the lines of the Army Para Commandos and Marine commandos to undertake missions deep inside enemy lines. Their role is diverse and largely specific to the air force. The force has been created on the lines of the USAF special Tactics Teams, and have similar responsibilities. They are also responsible for the security of vital IAF installations like radars and airfields in border areas


    Shifuji is the world’s best Fusion kung-fu master of Indian origin,trained by the Great Grand Master ‘Da Shifu shi Di Yang’ at Shaolin Temple, China. Apart from many accolades that he has earned world over, his major achievements are as follows:
    ** Worlds Best Commando Trainer 2008-09-10(Google rating) for Fusion Kung-fu,& His own system of Military Martial Arts,UnArmed combat & Shatru Vinashak Skills.
    **The only Indian monk & kung-fu Master of 32nd generation of Shaolin warrio Monks from shaolin temple, china.
    ** Inventor-S2VS,M3A,& S2KS (Single second knock out system)
    ** Special Commando Trainer for Combatants & Commandos of Hawk commandos, Counter terrorist group, Special task force & Anti terrorist scot.
    ** India’s most successful campaign – Mission Prahar
    (to train 1 Crore women in self defense)
    ** Founder Head & Successor of Indian Warrior monks Tradition.
    ** Worlds Yougest Hat Yogacharya & guru of MR.& Miss India Yoga.
    ** Have more than 29 lacs disciple all over the world.
    ** Founder Director- Mission Prahar & Chan-Wu-Yi
    (Shifuji 's Indian traditional training Institute).

    Shifuji-World's Best Commando trainer

    Follower of Revolution.........

    A staunch Indian who believes in Metamorphosis & Revolution..........

    Identifies with the Idealism of Saheed-e-azam Bhagat Singh Sahab.......

    Shifuji "Commando Trainer" is the Head & Successor of Indian warrior-monks Tradition

    An ardent disciple of Great Grand master Shi De yang the successor of Shaolin tradition & The head of Shaolin warrior monks of Shaolin temple china.

    He himself is trained in the ancient forms like Gurukul hath yog,world's Oldest martial arts Kallaripayatt,Shaolin Chan(Zen-Buddhism),Wu (Shaolin Kung-fu, Martial Arts),Yi (Medicine-Self healing) in general Self Belief,Self Discipline & Self Realisation.

    Founder of Mission Nirbhay - Saksham Sarvatra Vijyet ( Fearless India)

    Working towards the resurrection of the Indian youth by awakening their soul & patriotic spirit by using Shifuji's training system known as "Shifuji's Ancient fusion of Modified Gong-fu" (SAFMG) as a tool for the physical,mental & emotional robustness in order to achieve a vibrant & wholesome "Prachand Bharata".

    "Prachand Bharata"

    Dream project of incorporating COMPULSARY tough military training in the basic educational curriculum in order to empower the Indian youth thereby leading towards stronger & secure Nation.

    He Calls Himself "A Learner of Revolution" Who wants to Empower the Indian Youth As Self Actualized, Vibrant for Self esteem, Excellent in Self Defence , Holistic with A sense of Paramount Pride & Glory towards Nation thereby Contributing to The Consistent Growth of BHARAT.

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    Shifuji,Shifu Deepak Dubey,Commando trainer Deepak Dubey,Shifu ji,Shaolin Kung-fu master Self defence Mission Prahar,Indian Shaolin kung-fu master

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