Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandmaster Shifuji


Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj
Commando Trainer
Shaolin WarriorMonk

Follower of Revolution.....................

A staunch Indian who believes in Metamorphosis & Revolution..........

Identifies with the Idealism of Saheed-e-azam Bhagat Singh Sahab.......

Shifuji Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj "Commando Trainer" is the Head & Successor of Indian warrior-monks Tradition
He is a shaolin warrior monk in his own right belonging to the 32nd generation of Shaolin warrior monks,
An ardent disciple of Great Grand master Shi De yang the successor of Shaolin tradition & The head of Shaolin warrior monks of Shaolin temple china.

He himself is trained in the ancient forms like Gurukul hath yog,world's Oldest martial arts Kallaripayatt,Shaolin Chan(Zen-Buddhism),Wu (Shaolin Kung-fu, Martial Arts),Yi (Medicine-Self healing) in general Self Belief,Self Discipline & Self Realisation.

In Detail-Bhartiya Hath Yog Paddhati Gurukul hath Yog Swans Niyantrana, Kundalini Tarjmatrohada,Tarjini Niyantrana, Bramhacharya Mulmantramah, Kundalini Parichayah,Chakra wa Swansa Parichayah, Chakra Darshanah,Brammhand Multatwah Mantra Sadhana.

Kallaripayattu -Indian Martial Arts

Shaolin Chan WU Yi
Sun Rising Fist ,Small Hong Boxing ,Large Hong Boxing,Shaolin Great Ancestor’s Longfist (Shaolin Dazuchangquan),Plum Flower Fist (Meihuaquan) ,Connecting Arm Fist (Tongbeiquan),Seven Star Fist (Qixingquan),Shaolin Entering Mountain Fist (Chuangshaolinquan) ,Shaolin Infinite Compassion Fist (Shaolin Dabeiquan),Shaolin Kan Style Boxing (Shaolin Kanjiaquan),Six Harmony Boxing (Liuhequan),Luohan Fist (Luohanquan),Golden Warrior Fist (Jingangquan),Shaolin Cannon Fist (Shaolinpaochui) ,Shaolin Soft Palm Fist (Shaolin Rouziquan),Changhu Heart and Mind Fist (Changhuxinyiquan),Great Luohan Fist (Daluohanquan),Great Golden Warrior Fist (Dajingangquan) ,Shaolin Karma Broadsword,Shaolin Mountain Guarding Staff ,Sitting Dragon Broadsword,Walking Dragon Longsword,Moon Tooth Defending Sword ,Double Handed Longsword ,Ground Fighting Double Broadswords ,Mountain Leather Whip ,Double Axe ,Double Melon Hammers ,Double Headed Twin Spears ,Monk Spade ,Shaolin 36 Chamber Staff ,Shaolin Plum Flower Spear,Shaolin Large Spear ,Trident ,Second Son Three Pointed Halberd ,Long Handled Broadsword ,Spring and Autumn Long Handled Broadsword ,Shaolin Gwan Dao ,Jingang Golden Warrior Qigong,Jingang Eight Method Power Training,Muscle and Tendon Changing Chi Kung (Yijinjing)

A practitioner of Gurukul hathyog,designated as gurukul Yogacharya but believes in KARMAYOGA.

Special trainer for the Combatants & Commandos of Indian Armed forces.

Founder of India’s most successful campaign –
Mission Prahar-Sasakt Hi Surakshit
( Patriotism ,Self Esteem.Self Defence)
(to train 1 Crore women in self defense skills.)
Have trained more than 29 lac Indian women in the art of Self Defence.

Founder of Mission Nirbhay - Saksham Sarvatra Vijyet ( Fearless India)
Working towards the resurrection of the Indian youth by awakening their soul & patriotic spirit by using Shifuji's training system known as "Ancient fusion of Modified Gong-fu" (AFMG) as a tool for the physical,mental & emotional robustness in order to achieve a vibrant & wholesome "Prachand Bharata".

"Prachand Bharata"

Dream project of incorporating COMPULSARY tough military training in the basic educational curriculum in order to empower the Indian youth thereby leading towards stronger & secure Nation.

He Calls Himself “A Learner of Revolution” Who wants to Empower the Indian Youth As Self Actualized, Vibrant for Self esteem, Excellent in Self Defence , Holistic with A sense of Paramount Pride & Glory towards Nation thereby Contributing to The Consistent Growth of BHARAT.

2 Missions of Life

Mission Prahar- Self Defence training to 1 Crore Indian Women.
BHARAT MATH- An University of Self Defence, A world Class hospital with A facility of Free Treatment to All The Poor & Needy and a wing of Small Industries to Provide jobs to The Unemployed Youth, Villagers and Farmers.

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